Джордж с Полом путешествуют автостопом – Эксмут

16 августа 1959 г.


(условная дата)


Джордж: «[Из Саутгемптона] Мы продолжили путешествовать по южному побережью в Эксмут (Exmouth)».


Открытка от Джорджа и Пола из Эксмута (Exmouth), отправленная матери Джорджа, Луизе, во время их путешествия автостопом, август 1959 г.: «Dear Mum, We arrived here at 12.30 p.m. (Sunday) after an easy days hitching. We left Pauls at 8.0, abd stated Bed + Breakfast at RADSTOCK (Just further past “The Red Lion”)

Left there at 8.30, and here we are. Everybody today was surprised to see that we had got that far in a day. Pretty good.We might nip off to TORQUAY tomorrow, and then who knows where we might get to after that?

We have been laughing on the way down at things, especially at the women whos house what as how we stayed at. I will send more cards on our travels

Cheerio for now

George + Paul

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